Savoir où l'on veut aller, c'est très bien; mais il faut encore montrer qu'on y va.
-- Emile Zola

Johan Venant (

Tech lead / Java Expert / IT Architect

My career development allows me to combine a strong technical background with the capability to be in charge of complexe IT, performance or stability issues

Java Expert

15 years of Java development. An expertise built on solid grounds.

Software architect

From design to the implementation. Let a high value-added resource help you

  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Html
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Git
  • Buildr
  • Mysql
  • Open JPA
  • Spring security
  • ElasticPath
  • Spring
  • Noheto
  • Google API
  • Symphony
  • SVN
  • Groovy
  • Oracle 8-9
  • logback/slf4j
  • Vim / Vimscript
  • Spring MVC
  • REST Jersey
  • Tomcat
  • JBoss
  • Jetty
  • Capistrano
  • Eclipse
  • SQL Server
  • Ehcache

Wideorbit (Since March 2015)

Architect / Expert Java

Java 7, JSF 2.2, Primefaces 5.1, Hibernate 4.2, Maven, Spring Data, Open JPA, Git, Svn, Docker, Java Config, Mysql/MariaDB, Sybase ASE, Liquibase
  • Refactoring : Divide by 12 the loading time of some screens of the application
  • Design migration scripts from Sybase ASE to Mysql database using Docker and Liquibase
  • Design & development of a hybrid boolean / Criteria / Specification decision engine to manage CRUD permissions and business rules using Java Config
  • Migration from log4j to log4j2 / Slf4j
  • Refactoring : Lifting of the application. Remove thousand of lines of code
  • Refactoring : Progressive redesign of the application using Spring Webflow and Domain Driven Design paradigm
  • Migration : Setup automated database migration using Liquibase
  • Advices : Help developers on complex issues and about best practices

LVMH (July 2011 - January 2015)

Technical lead

Java, ElastiPath, Noheto
  • Application audit. Areas for improvement suggestion. Increased stability of and dramatically improved page load times.
  • In charged of the front site re-design.. Divided by 4 the amount of lines of code and by 3 the amount of templates.
  • Re-designed cache management. Implemented BigMemory. Divided by 3 the cache size.
  • Lead applicaton full re-design component by component to provide better present and future maintainability as well as stability.
  • Performance and stability monitoring.

LVMH (July 2009 - July 2011)

Java expert

Java, ElasticPath, Noheto
  • Designed, built and implemented Content Management System using Noheto.
  • Designed, built and implemented Messages exchange system between ElasticPath and JD Edwards using EDI.
  • Designed, built and implemented SSO component synchronizing cross-site customer account using Spring Security.
  • Level 3 support for

L'Étudiant (March 2009 - 3 months)

Consulting and development

PHP, Symfony
  • Implemented multiple tools for an Open source CMS.
  • Implemented based on faceted browsing.

Karmawish (January 2009 - 1 month)

Consulting and development

Ruby on Rails, Capistrano
  • Implemented a mutual aid community web site.

Wedia (August 2006 - 3 years)

Expert/Java EE technical referent

Websphere, Weblogic
  • Existing project audit and analysis to improve performances and stability of production environment. (Lucien Barrière, Fromageries Bel, Air Liquide,...).
  • Designed and implemented a multi threaded cache using oscache and BerkeleyDB (Sleepycat).
  • Designed, builded and implemented more than 150 countries and subsidiaries web sites for Air Liquide with content inheritance between sites (
  • Level 3 support for Noheto development teams.
  • Feasibility audit to migrate Société Générale 80 intranet sites (on 9 Weblogic/Oracle container) to the new Noheto version.
  • Audit and development for

Business Vision (November 2005 - 8 months)

Java technical expert

Oracle, WSAD, RAD 6
  • Improved security management on SACOM J2EE (CRM).
  • Setup a Websphere clustered environment.
  • Setup a Modifications notification tool for VSS.
  • Code audit.
  • Various development

Business Vision (Mission I-BP) (March 2003 - 2.5 years)

Responsable développement

  • Designed, built and implemented of a multi-threaded plugin for WSAD/Eclipse.
  • Designed, built and implemented af a Rational Roseplugin.
  • Business Vision products trainer.

E-RIS Solutions (February 2002 - 1 year)


Java, Tomcat, Javascript, html, apache
  • Designed, built and implemented of a decision-making system for managers.

EIS-Réal (September 2001 - 6 months)


Cognos Powerplay, BusinessObjects
  • Setup datacenter for administrations.
  • Designed decision-making cubes.
  • In charged of technology intelligence.

Duran-Duboi (1999 - 2.5 ans)


Java, HTML, applet
  • IHM Design
  • 3D scripts development using Mendel 3D technology
  • 3D chat development using Mendel 3D technology
  • Javascript library development

Cogisoft (1998 - 1999 - 1.5 years)

Delphi, Borland C++ builder
  • Client-Server Borland C++ Builder/Delphi trainer
  • Level 3 support for company using Inprise products